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Solvency 2, IORP… The European Union is revisiting its regulatory toolkit looking for increasing protection of policyholders and reducing the financial systemic risk. The introduction of these so-called “risk-based regulations” aims at i) adapting the required capital of financial institutions based on their risk profile, ii) implementing a fit and proper governance to improve the risk management policy of the firms, and iii) expanding the set of reporting to be communicated to the regulators and the public.

Insurers led the way with the Solvency 2 framework that came into force in January 2016. The Pension fund industry will also be impacted given that the European Parliament approved for a revision of the IORP directive in November 2016.

Solvency has had a major impact on the whole insurance industry value chain. In particular asset managers had to address a greater deal of transparency on the funds they manage. Among the several initiatives launched to tackle this “look-through” challenge the most significant breakthrough is likely to be the elaboration of the TPT(Tri-Partite Template), a standard data exchange template setup to facilitate communication between players.

Going forward insurers will collect a huge amount of data from their asset managers... an actual goldmine for all investors!

This idea inspired WizzInvest to create a network of asset managers and institutional investors connected through a data exchange and data analysis platform.

Our mission is twofold:

  • Enable asset managers to provide data quality and keep control on the analytics they disclose

  • Support financial institutions in selecting the most appropriate investments


WizzInvest is a french startup, created in 2016 by two engineers.


David Smykowski

David is an engineer from Ecole Centrale Lyon. He also holds a financial and actuarial master's degree (ISFA). He worked several years in the financial industry, in charge of developing Data Analytics products for institutional investors. He is the Chairman of WizzInvest.


Arnaud Molina

Arnaud is a telecommunication engineer from University of Technology of Belfort-Montbeliard. He also has his graduate degree from EM Lyon for innovation management. He worked several years in a startup on project management and web development. He is the CEO of WizzInvest.

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